Madonna - Time Stood Still
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Is what I feel for you
I've loved you from the very start
What else could I do?

You read my mind you made me cry
Time stood still
Now I know the reasons why…
Time stood still
maybe you're the next best thing to happen
All the things we might have been.

A friend becomes a fading light
That burst inside my heart
And like the castle in the sand,
You had to fall apart

You made me laugh, you gave me hope
It's over now
Our happiness is up and so…
It's over now
(repeat *)

Разочарование, сожаление и нежность
Это то, что я чувствую к тебе
Я полюбила тебя сразу, как увидела
Что я еще могла сделать?

Ты читал мои мысли, ты заставлял меня плакать,
Время застыло
Теперь я знаю, почему…
Время застыло
Может быть, ты то лучшее, что ждет меня в будущем
После того, что могло быть с нами.

Друг превратился в гаснущий свет,
Который вспыхнул в моем сердце
И, как замок из песка,
Ты должен был рассыпаться.

Ты веселил меня, ты давал мне надежду
Теперь все кончено
Наше счастье закончилось и так…
Теперь все кончено
IS What I Feel for You
What Else Could I DO?

You Read My Mind You Made Me Cry
Time Stood Still.
Now I Know The Reasons Why ...
Time Stood Still.
Maybe You're The Next Best Thing To Happen
All The Things We Might Have Been.

A Friend Becomes a Fading Light
And Like The Castle in the Sand,

You Made Me Laugh, You Gave Me Hope
IT's Over Now
Our Happiness Is Up and So ...
IT's Over Now

Disappointment, regret and tenderness
This is what I feel about you
I loved you immediately, as I saw
What else could I do?

You read my thoughts, you made me cry,
Time frost
Now I know why ...
Time frost
Maybe you are the best that awaits me in the future
After what could be with us.

Friend turned into a festive light
Who broke out in my heart
And, as a sand castle,
You had to crumble.

You have fun me, you gave me hope
Now all is over
Our happiness ended and so ...
Now all is over

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